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Successful website development - performance increases - speed increase on your website

We ensure fast loading times for your website, improving the user experience for your website. Still want to keep the look and feel of your website but need it to load faster? Then you are in the right place! We develop your website to work better and give better results.


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Website Core Features

Modern website design processes - fresh website look and feel

Modern Design

Step away from the old typical HTML look and feel into a world where your viewers can explore.

Sleek website design in your brand's style.

Technical Website SEO - as default with all our websites

Technical SEO

Leave the technical bit to us, we improve your website technical SEO.

Keyword-based, hard-coded, organic SEO changes to your new website.

Fast loading websites that engage your website visitors


Slow websites are never a fun experience, we change that.

Fast and reliable user experience for your site.

Mobile-responsive website design

Responsive Design

Making everything fit inside any size screen. Mobile & Desktop.

Smartphone viewing has never been so important for brands as they are now.

Feature rich web design

Feature Rich

Engage with your website viewers with feature-rich content.

Capture your target audience with interesting web content.

Client centric mobile website design

Client Orientated

Working closely with our clients to achieve the goals we want.

Giving you the best website design advice possible, from the start.

Website Planning & Strategy

We plan your new website or your website overhaul (rebuild) to be as friendly on smart phones as it is on a large HD screen.

  • Website performance increase
  • We fix the errors on your Website
  • We update your website
  • We speak clean code

When developing mobile-responsive websites we use the Bootstrap framework to create simple and elegant layouts that are easy to view on most mobile devices. By using this framework, we save time on development and ensuring that you see a larger ROI (Return On Investment).

Nowadays, most people browse the internet from their phones, making the mobile platform the most popular when it comes to browsing the internet. Failing to provide a mobile version of your website to Google will result in a penalty that will affect your website's Search Engine Ranking.

Google rolled out a Mobile Update on 21 April 2015 called Mobilegeddon. This update ensures that mobile-friendly pages rank at the top of mobile searches, while pages not optimised for mobile are filtered out from the SERP or seriously down-ranked.

Frequently Asked Questions About Responsive Website Design

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

Mobile responsiveness refers to whether a website is optimised to be functional and aesthetically pleasing on devices of different sizes. We build mobile responsive websites for everyone

What makes a website slow?

A large volume of unoptimised images is usually the most common reason behind website slowness. High-resolution images can consume lots of bandwidth while loading. Uploading larger sized images and then scaling them down can unnecessarily increase the size of your web page – causing your website to load slowly. We speed up your website.

Why should my website be fast?

Taking into account the UX (User Experience) we realise that website viewers do not like to wait long for pages to load. A good speed for a page to load is around 2.5-seconds. If your website takes longer to load, we can help to improve the speed at which your webpages load.

Can Wevolution revamp my current website?

Yes, we can develop your website based on what you have and improve the quality. We do however advise our clients to make use of the latest technologies in website design.

Do I need a wordpress website?

It depends what funtionality you would like your responsive website to have. If you only want to display static content (like text and images) then you can benefit with performance not to have a wordpress website with all the web functionality built in.

"Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon."

Dr. Christopher Dayagdag