Thank you for visiting our website, enjoy your browsing experience and please leave us a message if you have any suggestions or enquiries. We specialise in offering quick loading websites built with the Bootstrap framework because this platform focusses on mobile design. Combining website experience with online marketing using both Facebook Business and Google Maps as main channels. Providing tailored content is also another key USP to our services.


Because most viewers browse from their mobile devices, we develop mobile responsive sites.

Clean Design

Our designs are neat, we also use complimenting colours and our websites are clean.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We create websites that browsers love, beautiful & elegant. Basic and clean design.

Rapid Deployment

Our development methods allow us to rapidly deploy websites for our clients, save time and effort.


Performance is a key factor for all websites. We implement performance & loading speed increases.


Requesting changes to your website is easy, enhance the digital presence for your brand.

Fast-loading websites - mobile responsive websites - online marketing Pretoria.
Wevolution Google Maps - Your business on Google Maps

When someone Googles your business, what images show up and how well do people rate your business? All these help grow your brand and show people what your products look like, before they even land on your website!

Rate Well on Google

When clients visit your business, a few of them will rate the service and the quality of the products you sell, improve your ratings, ask us how. With a higher ranking, more people will be drawn to the conclusion that you offer excellent service to your clients. What does your business score out of five?

Images on Google Maps

You should provide images and video content to your website visitors. People want to know and understand what a business is about, this is an excellent opportunity to communicate with more clients. High-quality content on your website, will give people a feel for your business. This is perfect for advertising your specials and top sellers.

Google Brands

Are you sure that your brand is being published at it's best, describing itself? If you feel unsure that the heart of your business is not being brought to light, is it time for a change to wevolution website design? We will set up your brand the most effective way to reach the market you're aiming for.

Facebook marketing by Wevolution website design

 You should have an excellent online Facebook presence, by asking us to get the ball rolling. We supply companies in Gauteng with fresh and custom Facebook Business Page content. Tailored to suit the needs of our clients. 

Custom Posts

We create tailored Facebook posts to compliment businesses. We write good, keyword rich content that will boost your SEO. Keep your target audience engaged, tailored content both images and video will assist in bringing your brand forward.

Scheduled Posts

The frequency that companies post on social media, should be regular and well-timed. Posting content once a week will simply not suffice, you should aim at creating posts daily on each social media platform.

Boost your brand

To boost your Facebook Business page, you could try to start off with one concept, if you keep posting regularly, your scheduled posts, you will gain a steady following. Consistency is one key factor. Spend less time keeping up to date with the Facebook changes that roll out and allow us to take care of your Facebook Page creation.

Facebook Business Pages is an excellent tool to reach a large number of people already on Facebook. At wevolution web design, we provide services that allow your Facebook Business Pages to see growth and gain more visitors. Not only will wevolution web design spend one hour to go through the insights of your Facebook Page with you, but we will also provide you with suggestions to reach your target market. Scheduled Posts on Facebook is strongly advised to businesses who would like to grow their Facebook following and wevolution online marketing is standing-by to consult you. Facebook Scheduled Posts should have tags and you should also be linked to your Facebook Shop products. Facebook Shop is a great platform to advertise your products on, wevolution online marketing will setup your Facebook Shop with all your products and ensure that viewers stay up to date on promotions.

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website planning - user experience - user interface

Wevolution mobile responsive website design covers your online presence with Facebook marketing solutions and Google Business services. Our mobile-responsive websites are cross-browser and cross-device compatible and well styled for both iPhones and Android devices. The fast loading times at which our websites load will keep your viewers from having to wait. Wevolution web design provides affordable mobile-responsive website design and online marketing to our clients. Our services cover most important online avenues which are essential for small businesses and startups in Gauteng. With a good website, a social marketing strategy, your business will reach it's fuller potential.

online planning for your business

Wevolution website design offers affordable websites and hosting through third-party entities. Depending on the requirements of your business, wevolution website design will assist you in selecting the hosting package that compliments your business's needs best. Wevolution website design will assist you in setting up all your emails on both desktops and mobile devices, ensuring that your emails stay active. Wevolution website design also provides remote & on-site support for your emails in time of need. Tailoring your emails to clearly reflect your business image and email marketing campaigns to help spread brand awareness.

facebook business - return on advert spend

Your business deserves a great Facebook presence, so why not give it one? Keeping in mind all the benefits, some of those include being able to target your desired market directly and more efficiently than ever. Video content has also arrived at Facebook and could show your future clients more about what makes your business special and unique.

When a person Google's your business, what do they find? Wevolution online marketing uses Google Business services to advance the online presence your brand. We ensure that your business is correctly submitted to Google Maps, with your business information. If your Google Business address has not been approved, your brand is not being advertised to its full potential, wevolution online marketing ensures that you don't lose out. Using engaging images on your Google Business page is a good way to show clients what your business looks like. Showcase your products and services with tailored videos and images, extending your business to content-hungry browsers.

Instagram is one of the most popular channels to advertise your business on. Wevolution online marketing creates posts to engage with more people on Instagram. Mobile-responsive websites, which are fast to load, are optimised for performance and features custom-tailored content are ideal.