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2023 Articles


  •  By Stefan de Beer

How good is the Drupal 8 CMS?

Here we take a dive into what makes the Drupal 8 content management system so good & we compare it to the previous version.


  •  By Stefan de Beer

WordPress 6.1.1 Features

We talk about what features are included in the WordPress 6.1.1 version, taking a closer look at some of the recent updates that are included.


  •  By Stefan de Beer

The importance of a Privacy Policy Page on your website

Taking into account that GDPR is real, how does a Privacy Page on your website affect viewrs who browse to your website?

2022 Articles


  •  By Stefan de Beer

The Bootstrap Framework.

How the Bootstrap framework has become a well-known name online. We show some statistics surrounding the popularity of Bootstrap.


  •  By Stefan de Beer

Learning BASH & Ubuntu as a newbie

Updating your Ubuntu OS or installing web server software, using BASH has many benefits as a developer. Free software for any developer.


  •  By Stefan de Beer

Loadshedding & Web Development

Being a resident of South Africa since birth, growing up & following the path of a web developer, there has been ups & downs. One aspect of being a web developer is...

2021 Articles


  •  By Elsjene Burger

Current Client Optimisation – The Marketing Strategy for every year.

We have a love-hate relationship, the Internet & me. Some days I find a lot of content inspiring but more often than not, I get so bored with the same stuff that I often threaten to go...


  •  By Elsjene Burger

Getting back to B2B Marketing Basics

What is the answer to B2B marketing? Personally, I don't think anyone can give you a straight answer or pretend to know all the answers, but I do think that getting back to the basics can definitely...


  •  By Elsjene Burger

Why Content Marketing is not the Only Answer

Remember the corner shop aunty giving you a sweet when you went to buy bread and milk on behalf of your mom? Remember the pharmacist giving you a chance to pop a balloon to win something...

2020 Articles


  •   By Elsjene Burger

The Tale of a Small Nail Shop in Jozi

Years ago, I loved fake nails - I even tried to do it myself, so I found this small shop that sold everything you need to put on your own nail tips, gel, colours, sparkling stuff, & more...


  By Elsjene Burger

The Marketing & Engineering Marriage

Wake up at 6am (only slept roughly 2 hours, because he was kept awake by this new invention, something that will change the world as we know it - took pen & paper...


  •  By Elsjene Burger

What is Marketing Anyway?

As a marketing professional, I do a lot of online research & reading on the subject of engaging more customers, latest brand trends, what to do & what not to do & how to...